• Fluke Ti401 Pro Thermal

    Capture more than you would expect with the Fluke Ti401 Pro Thermal Camera. Every day you work hard to get the job done, and Fluke gets that. For over 70 years, Fluke have worked with people in the industrial trades. Fluke understands that you need thermal imagers that will get the job done; rugged general use, every day thermal imagers that are easy to use, accurate and create high quality images. The Fluke Ti401 Pro Thermal Camera is exactly this type of camera and is ideal for certified or uncertified thermographers working in industrial maintenance, heavy commercial facility maintenance and commercial building diagnostics.

    The Fluke Ti401 Pro Thermal Camera is the rugged tool you need to establish and maintain a preventive maintenance program, and is splash resistant, dust resistant, and 2-meter drop tested. Equipped with a unique combination of 640 x 480 resolution and field of view that offers the flexibility to capture measurements in tight spaces or from a distance, even the novice thermographer can with the Fluke Ti401 Pro capture images of critical issues before they become failures. The well priced Fluke Ti401 Pro thermal camera offers the highest resolution in its class along with the best-selling features from Fluke. With temperature measurements up to 650 °C, the Fluke Ti401 Pro is suitable for most industrial environments.

    Get the most out of your Fluke Ti401 Pro with Fluke Connect™ desktop software. Create professional reports in minutes while efficiently capturing full radiometric data to support your maintenance program:
    Edit and optimize images
    Combine infrared and visible images for simpler analysis
    Create detailed reports
    Organize and search images by asset, severity, and title

    Warranty:  Fluke 2 years
    Shipping:  Free to South African addresses.

    R165,000.00 incl VAT